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Become a Vendor

To remain true to our vision of providing a variety of hand selected vendors for an exquisite shopping experience, we require all interested vendors to submit an application. 

Once we receive and review your application, you will be contacted to pay the current
year non-refundable vendor fee within five (5) calendar days. Simultaneously, you will be required to digitally review and sign the Vendor Agreement.

Please note - your vendor spot is NOT confirmed until BOTH the non-refundable fee AND Vendor Agreement are received.

After the expiration of the five (5) calendar days, your application will be voided and you relinquish your vendor opportunity to another vendor. To be reconsidered, you must apply again.

2024 Vendor Fee: $100.00


Thank you for considering our events and/or scholarship to provide sponsorship for. We greatly appreciate your support!

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